I wonder what goes through these SD minds when they break up with you.
You’ve been avoiding my calls, I have texted you, after feeling like God now, you dun go compose message say you no dey do again. In his words, I should keep off. I kuku lock up.
I have enough money saved, never lived above my means so I’m good.
Fast forward now, as I no beg you or cry, e dun dey disturb you, you send another paragraph talmbout let’s be friends. I no even open the message. Now you’ve resorted to calling me frantically like I was 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I kuku remove the sim and start using another. I will move out of this place. Because it’s like your head is not correct gan, nobody fit play mind games with me. I no offend you so no begging. Ancestor oloshi
Make the connections and extra money go, I can’t stand anything messing with my peace of mind.

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