All I did was love you, I don’t deserve such hurt.
You made me feel like a fool even when I knew exactly what was going on and now it’s all blown up and you’re saying you’re sorry.
Sorry for what exactly??
For choosing her over me?
For letting me walk out that door and not trying to stop me?
For me crying my eyes out all through my journey back?
Or for me finding out at the end of the day you’ve been a big lie?
I never meant nothing to you, you’re just a manipulative, calculated demon.
I was just blinded by what I felt for you, you’re not the man I thought you were. 
All I knew about you was a lie, I mean it’s all a facade. Two years of my young life wasted, I’m just more disappointed than hurt tho cause I trusted you.

We move though, it’s all good.

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