Anon again

So I’m the guy that posted about having a long distance relationship with a girl in Lagos and have a new babe after a misunderstanding. Anyways I see you guys comment on Instagram so let me say something. Well ladies nowadays don’t think about giving men rest of mind, you always put us under pressure to give out what your dad can’t give you. Even though he can afford it but won’t spend his money on. Yet you don’t want us to move all you want for us is to spend money. My long distance babe is sweet and very good but major issues is money. This is someone I bought something expensive for but not the latest model and after a week of usage that I asked how’s the stuff she said it’s ok but the latest version is more better, is that fair? Not thinking of how I had to hustle to make that money. I make clean money like hustle for my money so you think it’s easy. In Nigeria if you can’t think outside the box or beg for money. I swear to God, #100 is a big deal to make. So what I noticed over the years is this, when ever I tell her I’m expecting money or she find outs she spend the money. In her head, she starts devising a way to collect every dime from me and failure to give her becomes a big issue then she starts being defensive about helping me and all. My money is my money not our money we are not married yet. Something I get frustrated to the point of being single. Our last argument, I was lonely and this new girl popped I couldn’t help myself but just flow because I needed distraction. I’d never go depressed or sad for a woman who isn’t my mum when I’m a fine boy lol. Anyways, before you comment or judge learn to give young men rest of mind. Don’t pressure us to buy what you know well will be difficult, don’t turn us to your father. If you like say I’m a broke nigga, I care less all I want is rest of mind. I can’t come and kill my self.
I won’t give precise information about everything so as not to be caught in real life but that’s part of what happened so you guys can talk all you want.

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