My girlfriend and I have been arguing a lot lately. This past argument made us not speak to each other for two days. She eventually called and we apologized but things have been awkward since. She’s not the same way she used to be, so I planned a weekend trip to a different city so we could spend the night together at a different location. We’ve never slept overnight at each other’s place and we’ve been together for four months. The drive there was fun, we talked and gisted. She also started her period so we had to make several stops. Six hours later, we got to our hotel, she went to take a shower and I noticed her phone kept pinging. I read the messages at the top of the screen and one said “ I had fun with you Chi”. My heart sank, I didn’t want to spoil the mood so we made love, and I brought it up afterwards. She admitted she went out with an acquaintance days prior but it was just ice cream . I asked if she slept with him, she said no and told me that she’s on her period and I shouldn’t stress her. I believe her, but I don’t know how to feel. I don’t know if I can trust her anymore, I love her but I haven’t told her that I do.

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