I’m having panic/anxiety attack and it’s bad, it’s really bad. I just saw the news this morning that WAEC would commence on August 5 and Jupep would also write their exam 4 weeks after their resumption. I’ve been trying to read my jupep notes and it’s not been easy at all reading at home, I ended up spending a month on my government note. Now, I’m about to start my CRS note which is twice more than government before I got this news. Now I’m like where will I start from, what note will I even be reading now. I couldn’t even bring myself to read any book since my mind is not there and I’ve been trying to watch movies to calm my panic attack though I know it’s the last thing I need now but I’m so fucked up. How will I go about this now, already spent two years at home, na my last admission chance be this 😢😢

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