I once wrote on how scared i am on facing death of my beloved ones! Well i guess i have more problems than that! I’m filled with so much fear on what life will offer me in the future! Mostly is i get hurt, very hurt even with small things! I can just sit somewhere watch people pass by! Some look struggling and i get very hurt and pity why do they have to face that?? Or even at church i just start to think that everyone goes through something hurting them! Maybe sometimes by the look on their faces and that hurts me a lot! I even start crying so much!! I tend to avoid fights or arguments or long conversations that might end up hurting my feelings or maybe i might say something that might hurt somebody!! I do a lot to please people just to see them happy even if i don’t gain anything! But my point is, am i okay? Do i have any problem?? Is anyone like me? Because when i get hurt i even feel physical pain in my heart!

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