Niggah X

A few years back, I had just completed my final year project defense, I went out to celebrate with a few friends and their babes. We were chilling in the VIP lounge of a famous bar when these three “yahoo boys” came along with their babes requesting that the VIP lounge be left to them alone. The manger respectfully came up to where we were chilling telling us to vacate the VIP section because they needed to do some maintenance and he apologised for every inconvenience. We declined to leave knowing fully well he was lieing. The manager proceeded to report us to the owner of the bar telling him the situation at hand. The owner of the bar then came up to us and told us to kindly leave, even offering a refund of all we’ve spent for the inconveniences. We still declined to leave knowing how embarrassing it was. Long story short, we were thrown out by bouncers. While taking the “walk of shame” my guy swore to come back and buy the bar. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Well fast forward to 3 years later, my guy became a successful Gee boy and as you’re reading this now, plans are ongoing to buy the bar. Meanwhile I dey sleep ontop jobberman site still looking for a job. I pray I don’t end up going illegal. This life no level at all.

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