I’ve never experienced all these heart break people are having that will make you lose weight 😂. For me it’s the other way around, niggas do me dirt and think I’m mad or heartbroken about it, then they realize idgaf in the first place. Makes them sick 🤣 and they try to crawl back or they actually end up getting hurt.
I mean those things really do hurt my feelings but not for more than 24 hours. I’m just not for all that drama. I block it out by all means. Besides I’m always expecting the worst. Your name has been cancelled from the very first offense, I’ll just bid my time and wait for the next fuck up, then I’m out mentally and emotionally, but still there physically though for the other benefits. Some guys are smart and actually see what’s going on and try to fix things but my heart is like stone, who don go, don go. E go be ✌

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