Millennial freya

You say I’m not romantic, I’m too aggressive, I don’t give you peace, you take up every small chance to disrespect me in front of your friends but I shoot it down and they even fear abi respect me now sef. When it comes to money issues, you act like I’m trying to steal from you ๐Ÿ™„. You said we should live together, barely one week in, I catch you in bed with the married neighbor ๐Ÿคฃ. Oloriburuku, will see me resting and ask me to go and prepare food, that he’s hungry.

I’ve had enough, I said oya let’s break up, you refused, is this one okay? Afi we’re meant to be together. I’m your soulmate bla bla bla because I’ve endured so many things. I’ve not been enduring shingbain. LMAO wait what? Are you possessed? To me , we broke up since 2018,
You’ve been sending me gifts and paying my house rent in advance, you send me money, ehn, you suddenly have money to send me now, then you go haywire and tell me send the money back because I’ve refused to talk to you. Oya you do reverse on your end now, mbanu, because of eye service. So people won’t see how much of a spineless bastard that you are.
I will use your money and better my life, the real LOML will find me or I just stay single. Life is great either way.

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