My boyfriend broke up with me after dating for 6 months. It wasn’t easy because I really loved him so much, the funniest part is I didn’t even offend him or do anything wrong. He just called me one evening to call it off that we should just be friends, with tears in my eyes I agreed. The following week I called him again because I missed him so much and then to ask why he broke up with me. Then he said he isn’t happy with the fact that I don’t have time for him that we don’t spend time together that’s why he was unhappy and decided to call it off. Which isn’t true, I try as much as possible to spend time with him. I really loved this guy. I still do though and I will do anything to make him happy, but he fucked up big time
A month ago, he came back begging that he wants us back, he is sorry blah blah but I rejected him because I lied to my friends that I don’t believe in second chances which made me gain more respect in their eyes. Three days ago he called me again to tell me that he misses us so much. To be honest, I have forgiven him and I would love to accept him but I don’t want to look stupid and be looked at as a liar by my friends.

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Mohamad Toutounji
4 months ago

That must be tough
How are you holding up now?