These few days have been quite okay, and it has been very surprising because I’ve spent the last months crying my eyes out. I am scared because I’m not used to things being this peaceful in my life.
I woke up this morning to find my siblings talking about me, I’m the first child. Before this lockdown, I was a much different person, but I got here with my grandparents and I started doing better, doing chores and the rest. I’m not a very organized person but I try my best
Imagine how I felt waking up and right before me they were talking about how dirty I am, how no one will want to stay with me and all that. And how I don’t even know how to cook and my food is horrible. I hate that I want to cry. I’m too sensitive and I know I shouldn’t be crying for my younger ones but it hurts. I’m not from a rich family, I have sell stuffs online to even keep body and soul together. Maybe this is normal and other siblings do it but my siblings are just weird. I just want to be better. If i can give me tips on how to clean better or stay clean better, I’d really appreciate it.

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