I started developing this huge feelings for older women in my early twenties, especially the thick ones. I find it hard to look away anytime I meet any.
I’m sure it’s not a bad thing, it can never be a bad thing, those sexy women need to be taking care of.
Interesting they find me super attractive too probably because I’m slim and they’re thick, most of them find it difficult to say it out though. I met this beautiful dark and thick woman few months ago, very sexy and she practically showed me the green light but I couldn’t make a move because she was supposed to be my customer and I didn’t want to jeopardize my plug if anything goes wrong.
I just want to wrap her in my arms, cuddle, talk dirty, spank her ass and share one of the best memories of my life with her.
I look forward to meeting a very sweet and endowed older woman though
I pray she comes my way so soon. I’m in my early thirties now.

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