I’m now in a relationship after dating a married man for about two years, I and the married man haven’t broken up though but the new guy is just talking me out of him. Deep down inside, I know I can’t leave him, not like I don’t want to but it’s hard to leave him. This man is a billionaire and he takes good care of me, just a week I started dating this new guy the married man presented an iPhone 11 with a receipt if 380 Thousand Naira, all these things I just making want to continue this relationship.
This new guy isn’t married and he has lots of investments, he’s rich as well and takes care of me too but this man in particular is just like he has taken part of my heart, I even warned my home cell pastor to stop putting me and this man in prayer. I’m in love with him and it’s very hard to leave him, I know I’m causing problems in someone’s home and I pray and could stop. Nobody understands
Now this new guy has traveled to Lagos yesterday 01/July to roof one of his houses and he hasn’t called me since last night, I called him this morning and he’s saying nothing. I’m going crazy i don’t know what to do.

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