Well I’m just recovering from a very painful break up. I posted here at the beginning of quarantine about how he doesn’t give me attention anymore. Guess what, I was left for another girl whom he started seeing during quarantine while we were still together. It’s been a tough road to recovery. Picking myself up, saving face. We weren’t just a couple but best friends. He just turned to a monster this quarantine, became mean, ignoring my messages, calls, love play, cheated on me, started dating someone else. To think he did this, used me and dumped.

Anyway it’s the past now, I can’t do anything about time wasted and the emotional turmoil. Life goes on. I learnt that there’s no such thing as love. Relationships are a distraction and a disappointment waiting to happen. I want to be happy and successful in my work. I’m not even interested in sexual only encounters. So many people have been asking me out aggressively, but I don’t want. I’ve closed that chapter of my life, I’m young but I know I want to be alone.

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