I wrote about how the sweetest relationship of 8 years crumbled in April and was afraid to let her heart out after that. The guy later came back and apologized but the connection wasn’t like before, he acts like weather, sweet this week, cold next week. So yesterday, sister told me she’s seen another man, I was kinda surprised she was opening up about it to me because we don’t really talk about stuffs like this. I personally don’t feel comfortable discussing issues like this with my sister. To cut it short, the man is 8 years older, a working class and kinda looking for a wife. She told me they’ve not seen yet and was planning on visiting her next week to meet for the first, he’s also half Yoruba and Edo while we’re Yorubas. The thing is I don’t feel good about it in a certain way like her estranged boyfriend became someone my family and I grew to know as her boyfriend. I was 11 years when they started dating 8 years ago. I don’t know why I don’t want her with any other man apart from that brother like I’m so used to knowing him as her boyfriend because he was way too nice before he started acting up. Even when they broke up that I was so angry at him and was praying sister should find another man, now she has but I don’t know why I’m not so happy about it and feeling indifferent. I was even heartbroken yesterday and I was like it’s not my relationship na and I should be happy with whoever she chooses that makes her happy. Today, she told me her boyfriend later called her last night acting all sweet and nice again, did video call and even sent her money. She told me she’s not in love with the new man yet just that he’s helping her get over her boyfriend but now he’s so sweet again. I wish they would end up because I don’t really know if I can accept any man in my heart as her man apart from her first boyfriend that I know😢😢

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4 months ago

It’s very obvious you love your sister and you want what’s best for her. An 8 year relationship break up is a really tough blow and I strongly feel she needs to take her time to heal.