E.B things

Omo this life is somehow sha, everything is not balanced. Different people and different problem. I know I’m not fine like that o but e get as things be sha. Me and my friends would always say no to having girlfriends and laugh about it, but deep down we’re all stupid guys, we know what we want. Anything that pass in skirt or gown like this, our neck must turn, in our minds we all know were deceiving each other. Out of all my guys i give the best relationship advice like the pro pro max version. I’m the motivation, I’m the scope, I’m the therapist, lion, but deep down I cannot can at all. When I see who I want, i evaporate. It’s not as if that’s my main problem in life, just thinking about how to succeed in this temporary vacuum of space called life.
I’ve tried dating a, sorry that’s not my problem for now. I just ponder how people fall in love, it’s kinda fake and scam, because I’ve studied this life and generation well there’s no true love. Through the stories and real life experiences hmmmm I’m just in awe sha
I just keep on staring at the Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus on jumia everyday, I just want it in this life
These past few months have been rather strange, all I hear and see is just bad news, from rape to rape to killings, corruption, many evil and bad hashtags on twitter. Nepa dropped our wire 2 days ago, since then we’ve been given like 18/24hrs of electricity supply, it’s just making me mad. When we’ve paid up but the other neighbors refused to balance up their bills, the righteous are now suffering for the unbalanced bill of the evil one mtchewwww na wa oo
Kudos to the girl receiving her iPhone before the end of this week, but girls sha.
I feel lighter now sharing this, off to bed!

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