Abeg nawao

My boyfriend doesn’t compliment me often, he does, but not as much as I compliment him. I took it as though he just admires me but doesn’t say anything because he tends to stare a lot. Yesterday, him and I went to buy some home items for my place and he wanted to grab some things for his place too. While looking at plants, a man walked up to me and said “you’re so beautiful even with your mask on, and you smell very nice”, I laughed and said thank you and we did an elbow bump per corona. When I walked back to my boyfriend and grabbed his arm, he was acting extremely cold towards me. He didn’t even talk to me on the drive back. I asked him what the problem was and he told me I was flirting. I told him the man only gave me compliments and didn’t ask for my number, who’s to say he’s not married or doesn’t have a girlfriend. My boyfriend still had an attitude so I went back to my place and told him to call me when he gets his act together. He called later that night and accused me of having a flirting problem, I told him to get over it or go away.

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