A girl has no name

So I shot my shot sometime last year to this cute guy, a mutual friend posted his picture and I asked for his number and messaged him. He was quite welcoming, didn’t make me feel stupid. But he rarely replied my messages and never calls. I understood that. He’s cute and tall so he probably has a lot of girls in his DM and maybe a girlfriend too.
But I kept calling once in a while and chatted him up first. I just wanted us to be friends.
Fast forward to recently, he started calling and complimenting me, and we make video calls too. Our vibe match!
He started throwing in “baby” here and there.
Last night, I was sick and I told him. He has called me 5 times today to check on me and sent me funny videos to cheer me up ☺️ I laughed so hard to show appreciation even though I have watched those videos on Instagram. I feel like he wants us to date, but he hasn’t said so. He’s quiet and shy.
But my problem is that we haven’t met😥 and I’m super scared to meet him.
I have serious self esteem problems because of my shape😣, the face is fine but the ass is flat😭
I don’t think he will like me when he sees me.


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