I can’t help but always think that I’m committing a sin any time I’m horny or when i watch movies that has a lot of sexual actions like kissing and dry humping in it. Anytime I feel sexual urge, I tend to ask for forgiveness of sin immediately like I’m committing a grave sin and God is so angry with me. I started reading this story on wattpad and it has episodes where they analyzed how sex was done, me reading that and imagining it, I usually get wet through my panties. I’ve learnt a lot of things about sex through the book and I can’t help but think I’m committing a sin by getting wet, thinking about sex and saying the nasty words. I made vow to God to remain a virgin till marriage and I was like hope I won’t get tempted to do it but I don’t think I will because even the thought of it makes me pray and ask for forgiveness because I always feel like God will desert me. I’m 19 though and I still have a long way to go before having sex but I believe this fear of God hating me will keep me from having it before marriage

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