In April, my friend came to visit me at home and saw my Mary Kay foundation which isn’t her shade. She said she wanted it, I didn’t give it to her. A week ago when she came over, she asked for it again and I refused to give it to her but I told her I have got Ben Nye powder that I don’t use anymore which I can give you. She accepted it not knowing she had stolen my Mary Kay foundation and left the box in my room, just imagine. And just yesterday, when we were talking, she reminded me of one hair I’ve got that she wants. I told her no immediately then she had the guts to tell me “oh your Mary Kay is in my bag, when I see you I’ll give it to you” what type of rubbish?? I’ve been friends with her since I was 9 years old, now we’re 26 and it’s making me look at her in some funny way. She’s got a boyfriend abroad who basically sends her stuff anytime someone is coming home, she’s from a rich home and travels abroad basically every year. I’m still going to take my foundation because it’s new and it’s not her shade but I’m really confused about this character, some dots are connecting. Years before she started dating her recent boyfriend, she used to sleep around with different men for money. It’s not like she’s poor, just doing it to buy hair, clothes, shoes and all those things

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