So i was the one who wrote a few months back about getting expelled. Here’s the back story. I wrote an exam for a friend, let’s call her X, i got caught so we both got expelled. These past few months have been shitty, thinking of how much I’ve lost, i was in my third year. Thinking of how to start over, but thankfully, my family has been supportive. Now i have another friend, Y who I’ve been friends with from my first year in school up until this incident. Our moms know each other and we were literally like sisters. Ever since i got expelled, we barely talk, only on very rare occasions and we used to be quite close so it got me wondering what went wrong. Now I’ve come to know that her mom asked her to stay away from me because I’m a bad influence and she’s been doing that. I feel betrayed, i feel so much anger towards her because we’ve been through so much together. How do i suddenly become a bad influence? I want to delete her contact and block her everywhere so she can be around people that aren’t a bad influence. I’m just tired

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