My wife and I have been having this issue. I believe there is nothing bad for legally married couples to watch porn together or read things to spice things up. She, on the other hand doesn’t believe in that. At first, I was able to convince her but recently she listened to a pastor who said porn isn’t good at all. What broke things was there is tweet that one woman said couples should be turning to the holy spirit for sex ideas and not watch porn at all. I was like, really??? Who does that? Now, we had a discussion about it and she subscribed to what the woman said.
We have talked about this issue of sex in different ways and it seems she’s so bent on it. When we started having sex, we knew nothing about sex and we were able to navigate through that by reading and watching porn together and she’s still as novice as anything. Mind you, I was also a novice when we got married but I’ve learned a lot really.
Whenever I read about things and send it to her, she’s always like I’m always reading about sex. Excuse me, what should I be reading as a married man? Mind you, I read about anything- politics, finance, race, etc, and we talk about these issues too. I’m even more knowledgeable than her on many social issues.
Honestly, I’m tired. I’m so afraid things will continue to be mechanical the way and I might be forced to resolve to cheating even though I hate it with all passion.

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