I’m starting to be depressed, this lockdown of a thing is starting to affect me and I was afraid it would in the first place. I’m mostly alone at home, no film to watch or anything. My phone still keeps my company most times but I’ve spent almost all my life savings on buying data since the lockdown. The thoughts I had when I was alone for 7 months at home are starting to come back, I was so depressed during these 7 months and nothing about life seem to interest me. I was just so numb about life and it was literally the worst I’ve been in my life. I was able to start a jupeb program that made me leave the house for 2 months before this corona of a thing started and I was afraid the feeling would come back when I’m alone, now it has. Boredom is really killing me in ways I can’t explain. I just wish I could get something like unlimited data to stream movies and explore internet like I would if I wasn’t managing data. I’m just so frustrated. I’m so bored and frustrated and it’s leading to depression. I don’t really have friends to visit either and I don’t even like the idea self. I just wish I could get unlimited data, it would really ease the boredom I’m in. I’m just so sad and it’s so frustrating😢

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