I’m shocked

I don’t know what to do right now. I just received the greatest shock of my life. I’ve been chatting with my boyfriend with a different account on instagram and found out he is a chronic cheat, an idiot for that matter. Do you know he told the fake me that he has a girlfriend and her name is Grace,Grace ke? Nobody in my family is bearing the name Grace. ahh💔i’m not even the main chick. He even said the last time he had sex was last 2 weeks😂😂, me and this fool just had sex yesterday. He told the fake me that his girlfriend is a stylist, mogbe me that doesn’t even know how to do ordinary weaving, how can I be a stylist and not know I’m a stylist??. He’s already inviting the fake me and is talking about sex on first date already😂😂💔💔. This is a guy that I’ve been with for four years and thinking someday he’d propose, I never knew I was not even the girlfriend, how can men be this way? I’ve been looking at him since, he doesn’t know I’m that girl. What can I do? Should I confront him? Should I keep playing the game that i don’t know? He doesn’t know I’m that blessing he has been chatting with. The way i’m looking at him, i’m just angry. Should i just buy sniper, pour it in his drink and leave his stupid ass? Men are big scumbags. Tf!!!

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