Right now I feel so stupid. I have been friends with this guy, he recently got out of a toxic relationship which I’m aware of. Sometimes he comes to me and say’s he likes one of my friend that I’m always posting her pictures. I said okay and paired them via contacts.
Throwback to the day we both went to see this guy. When we got back my friend was like she doesn’t really like the guy and her spirit doesn’t accept him. I said okay, no biggie. The guy on the other hand feels neglected and ignored by her which he complained to me but what’s my business 🤷‍♀️ Plot twist is that few days after, he comes to me and says he like me. Since we both ain’t seeing anyone, we can try to be an item. It sounded stupid but i thought about everything and the stupid me accepted.
Annoying part of it is my friend is telling me right now and today that he still chat’s her and asks for them to meet. Well he doesn’t tell me all these, infact he lied that they stopped communicating.
Now I’m feeling pissed and used 🤦‍♀️

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