My name

I love my man so much and I know he loves me too. We have been together for a year now and I can’t really said he has done anything for me. I buy stuffs myself, even down to the money for my hair and my cosmetics . I’m not a demanding girlfriend but once in a while I want my man to send me money for my hair and other stuffs or at least buy me something nice. For my birthday last year he got me undies 😂💀 like why, I just took it and said thank you. I feel like he puts everything before me and when he manages to give me 10 thousand Naira he would later borrow the money back 🙄. I even give him my own money and get him random gifts,I know he loves me and he isn’t cheating or spending on someone else. I know he is kinda broke but for 1 year it’s getting frustrating, now a lot of guys are on my case offering me money and buying me stuffs even without me asking. I have never cheated on him before but now I’m really broke since this lockdown and stuffs. He asked me to send him the last money in my account which I did. Now I am just broke and confused and thinking a lot about what to do.

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