Why can’t I be happy and enjoy it, even if it’s once. It’s painful looking at the one you are very much in love with walk away from your life and still be very happy, while am here still in love with the person. The funny thing is that I don’t want to get over her, my heart doesn’t want to let go of the little memories we spent together. I have cried and cried knowing that I caused our break up. The voices in my head gets louder every fucking day reminding me that she can never love me lol, like how painful is that. No one around to talk to, dying slowly of anxiety and depression. My heart beats slowly because its very weak to carry my pain. I am obviously not going to be fine, ever. I am just going to sit and wait for death to come I swear🥺😭😭💔

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  1. Heartbreaks are always very painful and it hurts even more when you lose someone you really love because of a mistake you made . Remember that true love forgives and if it’s meant to be , it will be . It will take time to get through the pain , it will surely take time but you just have to be strong during the process . Life is worth living and things will get better as long as you’re strong .


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