For the Father’s Day

My dad is the best in the world and I will tell you why. I am the 6th of his 11 children. A lot of children blame their parents for giving birth to many children but I don’t blame him. Being a farmer, he literally had no knowledge of monogamy or having few children. He eventually got married to two wives- my step mum and my mum after losing his first two wives. He toiled every day and night to give all of us the best. Out of the whole 11, I am the only one who had the privilege to go to the university- one of the best in Nigeria, actually. My older siblings, on the other hand, opted for vocational training. My dad believes in supporting you for whatever you decide to do. So, when I gained admission into the university, he breathe heavily and said “where will I see the money?” (I’m actually shedding tears now😭😭😭). But as God would have it, with the help of one of my secondary school teachers, my dad was able to raise my school fees.
Unfortunately, my teacher who promised to always support him retired in my second year, and so my dad had to fully bear the cost. He struggled; he bore the pain; many times, he went hungry; he borrowed money and paid later, and I eventually graduated.
As God would have it, I won a scholarship to study in the US immediately after my graduation (this is probably sounding like one of the nollywood movies, but it’s real). Out of my stipend as a graduate student, I make sure I send a substantial amount to him every month. By God’s grace, I will be completing (and decorating) his house in the city before December so he can leave the village for Christmas. I want him to enter the house and smile or even shed tears of joy. I don’t care if I go hungry. I don’t care if I don’t have anything now, but that man deserves the best. He is presently above 90 (with good health though) and I pray he lives longer enough to enjoy more fruits.
To all the men out there struggling to cater for your family, may your fruits be blessed, and may you grow enough to enjoy them.

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