Just imagine

My boyfriend fell asleep with his phone on his chest. I noticed that he was looking at something before he slept off so out of curiosity, I picked up his phone to look. This man was on Instagram and was looking at a girl’s picture. I thought it was abnormal and figured he must know her so I clicked on the profile. He’s not following her and she’s not following him either but I noticed they attended the same university . I typed her name into his contacts and a number came up but the chat was empty. I checked WhatsApp and there were a few messages. The one that caught my eye was a message my boyfriend sent to her saying, “ how is your stomach, are you still cramping?” She replied saying a “ a bit” and then he said “did you use your heating pad like you usually do?”. It’s obvious that some messages were deleted because they weren’t adding up. My issue is why is he asking another female about her period? How does he know she has a heating pad? I confronted him in the morning and he said he has known her for years and they chat once in a while, he also said she has a boyfriend and he was just being caring because she wasn’t feeling well that day. I feel like that question is personal, I don’t believe him. I think they’ve had sex.

One comment

  1. Busted!

    Don’t believe him – that is sketchy as hell.

    Also, us guys generally don’t chat girls like this unless we’re working it (especially if we have a girlfriend!)

    99.9999% he’s working it – probably hasn’t hooked up or they wouldn’t just be talking heating pads

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