Losing it

I can’t sleep!! I need to restock my goods 😭 I used the little I made to sort family and even this man’s (hubby) problem last year . These things leads to depression, I’m losing it
All my friends are doing well and can boast of millions with the rubbish they do😭 but I’m married, i can’t even ask them as they will curse me out for not doing the needful 😔
They won’t give me . My husband has his priorities to settle and I’m the least. I found someone who is ready to give me half a million but what he’s asking, I can’t do it 😭😭 I’m confused. I want to sell my phone but don’t even know how to go about it. I am totally broke argh lord I need a favor. Please your daughter is loosing it.

One comment

  1. These are difficult times, It takes a lot of strength to write this and I’m really glad you did . I’m also delighted by the fact that you’re very strong and I want you to keep that strength. Do not lose your faith and do not follow the wrong path . Something good will come your way as long as you’re on the right path . Please be strong .


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