Chat Holiday

I live in another country different from my fiancee (I’m in the US while she lives in Nigeria) and we try to communicate every day. I realized at a point that I was “falling out of love” for her (I really didn’t know why. I wasn’t cheating and I wasn’t even talking to another lady). It was difficult to tell her, of course, knowing how hurting it would be to hear that. I also knew I always want to be with her and would do anything to keep the love growing. So, I devised a means- I told her I got a new contract for like two weeks that required me working from morning to night. Since there’s a 5-hour difference, she’d have slept before I came back. With that, I was able to go off of communication for two weeks. Mhen! After that two weeks, I missed her so real and the love came back fully. Now, we are back to being chatty chatty again😍😍
Ladies, it is not always true that a guy who loves you will always talk to you everyday.

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