I was dating this widower, he has four kids. We had been dating for four years , I really wanted to marry him because I loved him so much. When he came for my introduction, his cook told me he brings different women to the house. After my introduction, he came home with his brothers and uncles. When they went to the guest room, some other women came to the house. I found out I was pregnant and he told me to abort it. Since we were planning on getting married, he advised I quit my job which I did and I started working in his company.
I found out he’s a serial cheater. He told me that after he came to my house for introduction, he felt he was making a big mistake. That was when I called off everything, aborted the pregnancy but I still work in his company. Now he’s with another lady, like the 12th since our relationship. She’s a doctor, he told me he won’t marry her but she is so in love with him. I wish I could tell her she’s wasting her time. Just go to the UK like you want to, he would dump you when he’s through.
He would fool you and dump you just like he did to me.

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