Happier M.

Bae came over last weekend and I intentionally fixed myself to work overtime because I couldn’t sit and have “the” conversation with her. I printed out all 5 options and explained in details Pro’s and Con’s, I attached my Result, wrote all I would have said and left two empty plain sheets (for whatever she may write) in the room. Lastly I laced my house with camera so nothing crazy happens. I watched her cry as she read through the papers. She kept crying, I had to have food delivered to the house and she’d still not eat. I received a text from her two days later saying “Let’s risk it together and get your dumbass here by dawn” . Guys I couldn’t control my joy🕺, I had to bribe a colleague to fill in for me(I didn’t mind though ). Conclusion is we’ll adopt 2 and have 1 through PGD or IVF. I’d call in sick next week so we’d spend time together. 🤔I think I better start looking for a ring❤

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