I’m down

For the past few days I’ve been sad😢😕. Got no boyfriend, no outing, no dates, no school or roommates vibes , just at home with my parents . I haven’t had sex in a while because the ones available , I don’t want them . My supposed boyfriend doesn’t have my time , he hardly calls or text and I really miss him. He’s all I need now but it feels like he doesn’t feel same and maybe there is a girl he’s seeing now. I really need someone to cuddle and hold me, tell me everything will be fine . Lastly, I need money and a new phone but I can’t have them now . I feel so sad.😢😢😢 I want freedom, I want happiness and I want peace of mind l. I think I will cry. This is just too much for me😭😭😭. How do I get out of this feeling??😢😟

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