I’ve had 3 rape experiences and I’ve luckily escaped all . This is one of my experiences

I met this guy in school and we we’ve been chatting for a while so he invited me to hangout with him . He took me out and we had a great time . The next day , he asked me to meet up to go out and I said okay . As we were going , he told me that he wanted to branch to quickly do something at his friend’s place and he won’t take long . He stopped at his friend’s house and asked if I was coming in , I said I would wait in the car . After like 5 mins , he came back downstairs and said what he wanted to do is taking quite long that I should come upstairs . I said NO , that I was fine in the car then he told he the area was razz and he didn’t feel safe leaving the car unlocked with me inside and I wasn’t safe out there . I decided to go upstairs with him and as soon as we entered , he locked the door . I asked him why he locked the door and he said I should just cooperate that he wants to sleep with me . I told him NO and he said he’ll do it whether I wanted it or not . I cried and begged but he said if I don’t corporate that he will call in 3 of his friends and it will be 4 of them that’ll sleep with me instead . He said it’s either corporate and allow him or it’ll be 4 of them . I looked outside the window and I saw 3 of his friends . I became confused and really scared . Luckily for me I saw a knife on the table and picked it up . I told him that if he doesn’t let me go that I’ll stab myself . He said I was bluffing , so I took the knife and slit my skin . I started bleeding profusely and I told him that if he doesn’t let me go , I’ll kill myself . He told me I was crazy and I’m looking for who to put in trouble . He ended up letting him go . I told a friend who wanted to involve cultists in the matter but I didn’t want that drama because I was just in my first year . I later went to the hospital to take care of the wound and do HIV test because I had no idea who had used to knife before me .

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