I had sex with my girlfriend on her period. I have never done this before, her and I have been together for 6 months now. Last weekend we went on a road trip to a different state, just for a quick getaway. She wasn’t supposed to start her period but it started at some point during our 9 hour drive. She was semi prepared so I stopped at a store and got some extra products for her while she changed. When we got to our hotel it was almost midnight so we showered and laid in bed. I cuddled her and she wanted me to massage her boobs that were extremely swollen. I got even more horny than I already was, next thing, I slid her panties with her permission and we had sex. It was quick and felt amazing but the amount of blood I cleaned up afterwards made me feel dizzy. She kept apologizing because it’s one thing I’ve said I’ll never do, but I guess there’s something different about her that didn’t make me think twice about it. Even though it was a gory sight, I feel a lot more intimate with her. I just want to forget the blood. In my 28 years, I never realized that women bleed this much…. at least I don’t believe my exes did.

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