It’s been exactly six months I broke up with someone whom I dated for three years, lol . I thought he was the love of my life. Recently, he followed me on TikTok because I blocked him everywhere. I don’t know what he wants, he has a girlfriend and she’s met his family. It broke my heart when I heard it, I thought he moved on too quickly. I lie to my friends about moving on . I miss the relationship , I don’t miss him but no one seems to understand this. I met his family too, I knew everyone and everyone loved me or so I thought. His father who was my friend suddenly had a vision where he saw us apart because I said I wouldn’t convert to their church and that’s why we broke up. My friends said I should block him on TikTok too but I’m curious. No, I’d never go back to him. I’ve seen better but my healing comes first. My healing is important and I know I’d find love, eventually. Thank you, Connotare.

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