Everything about my WhatsApp and Instagram has been about rape since these past few days. I couldn’t bring myself to write anything like others are because since I was young , I vowed to kill anyone that rapes me but I don’t wish it happens though . As I am, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that one day a guy would see my nakedness and also have sex with me but I believe LOVE will make me see it as no big deal because I’ve never dated though . I saw the video where a man was touching the lady sitting beside her in a bus that went viral online, I clinched my teeth in anger, I felt like teleporting myself to where the man is and kill him. It’s not like I’m a bad girl, I’m actually a gentle and decent girl and I pray to God I never become a murderer in my life but the only reason that would make me be is if my body gets violated . I can’t imagine someone ruining my life and going scott free and stealing the virginity . I’ve been keeping so much for my future husband , I just can’t live with that thought in my head. When I tell people this, they say what if he uses mask or disguises himself, I say I’ll be so willing to put my whole life on hold to find out who this person is. I’ve had these thoughts since I was 13 or 14 , though I’m 18 but I don’t want people to judge me that I’m too young to be having all these thoughts but age is not the main factor here. I can’t even write any write up because I’m like sha try to rape me and know for sure that I’ll kill you. I pray that doesn’t happen because it’s my biggest fear.

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