My contacts on WhatsApp think I’m just obsessed with rape thingy but little do they know it’s personal, so personal.
I’ve been a victim not once , i have sisters and I fear for them, I’m steadily calling my mum to remind her never to leave them alone with family members, I fear for them so much(I work in a different state).
My sister is stuck here with me for the lockdown and I got to talk about it with someone for the very first time . It’s been over 10 years , I was about 10 years old . My dad’s cousin came visiting , he was in early 30’s then I believe. He started fingering me and asking me not to talk about it . It went for a while then he had sex with me, he continued till he left .
I didn’t even know I was being abused till I became an adult, I just never want my sisters to experience that.

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