Sad life

Growing up , my mum was convinced i was a witch because she claimed different pastors that don’t even know me saw the vision that i was the problem in my family . She tortured me for years in a bid that it will cure my witchcraft . But almighty God in heaven knows that i have never ever tought of doing evil in my life talk less of being a witch as she claimed . I love my family with all my heart and i would even prefer the evil happening to me instead of them but it’s so sad that she felt that way , she made my silblings see me that way too . This experience destroyed my childhood and it’s still destroying me up until now . I always felt like an outcast in my own home, even when i had my first period i couldn’t tell anyone . I sorted most of my problems on my own . I have lived in sadness for years and its really funny she was able to get me to accept crimes i didn’t commit and make me make up stories about innocent people . My life is just fucked up . Though she’s late now , i still prefer if i had died instead of her . I love her so much and i blame those pastors that told her those lies . May they know no peace . Amen

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