Beat meat

I went to visit my guy because I was in his city for business. He decided that instead of me getting a hotel, I can just stay with him for those days. His girlfriend was coming to visit for a day, so I was excited to meet her since he has introduced us over video call.
His girl is honestly very pretty, I was shocked when I saw her in person. She had on this dress and her hair was nice. She didn’t talk much all day, she just looked and smiled. She’s an Igbo girl, and we’re Yoruba. I’ve been single for a while and I watch porn a lot, so I was jealous that my guy was enjoying this nice girl. At night time, around 1am , she went to bed, my guy followed her shortly, while I made myself comfortable in the living room. In the next few minutes all I could hear were moaning sounds, “baby, yes”. He even came and put it back in. I peeped through the door because it wasn’t fully closed and saw her breasts bouncing, they were doing missionary. I came immediately, I can’t get her out of my mind. I wish I was the one inside her. I am happy for him though, he adores her.

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