A Version of Me

I hope sharing this Secret makes me feel better

I got admission to University in 2013. While writing a mock exam paper in preparation for my 1st professional exam I passed out and was diagnosed with cerebral malaria . After few weeks i had another surgery and had to defer school for a semester. When it was time to resume, school said I didn’t submit any deferment letter. I did all I could , met VC, lecturers, wrote severally and nothing happened ! I was Suicidal , had anxiety and bipolar disorder. I visited psychotherapists and was molested by one, over time I improved. My mom was at the forefront the whole time ! My father visited me twice at the hospital (the first surgery I didn’t see him at all). HMO financed the bills of surgeries I had, My mom paid most of the session fee, only when she was hooked would she ask my Dad and it was war. Soon we(my dad this time) started processing pre degree into another university but we got scammed of #50,000. Since then my father has not made any more move on school. I told him about a travel agency whose charges are flexible in payment and he played deaf ears, I’ve had talks with him on going back to any school and it’s been fruitless each time. He said I shouldn’t work else I’d move out and in two months I’d have wasted 3 years of my life. This is someone who my mom gave up her nursing career for because we had to move around alot, lives low for, I sacrificed our dreams for his so is my 12 year old brother. Mad things he does; put extended family before us, puts church member before us, he makes us look good outside so it’s strange to tell out our secret. This is someone who made me go study medical laboratory science and gives me #10,000 per month in school and I dare not ask more. He’d always say sending us to school is an act of goodwill and not a responsibility. He told me to start taking up my responsibilities, I told him to give me #100,000 to start business but he refused and did that business. The only reason why I’m all cool is because my mom is hypertensive and my brother is young. Right now I feel am relapsing, I just wish I have a job but who wants to employ a 24 year old degree-less lady😂 ?

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