Korean girl

I’ve been really addicted to Korean movies since 2015 that I started watching it. Each time I watch a movie, i fall so in love with the male lead actor because they’re usually cute. It really affected me those years because I started feeling depressed about me born in Nigeria and not Korea . It also kills me then to think that I can’t be with my Korean crush as in real heartbreak that makes me really depressed. My obsession for Korean actors especially lee min ho made me fall in love with the country, I never wished to become an American but a Korean. For me, if it’s not being a Korean then I’d rather enjoy being a Nigerian that I am. I stopped watching K drama for some time and it got rid of the obsession a little bit then but I was always aftraid of watching K drama because of the way I feel after watching the movie especially the ones with super cute lead role . I get happy sometimes if the actors in the movie are ugly. I started watching this lee min ho’s film The king recently and I just hope I don’t go back to the way I used to be, been really trying to control myself. Korea is one of the two places I can’t wait to visit and spend time in the world. I used to think it’s because I’ve never had a boyfriend or had someone to exchange emotions with that’s why I use to have that feeling.

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