I know my husband’s girlfriend, infact we watch the videos she sends him together with her fingering herself and stuff . The day he chyked her , we were together . Sometimes i am the one that chats with her . They are yet to sleep together but I know it will be tomorrow . No she doesn’t know he’s married , i asked him not to say so that he can feel free like a normal guy .
This is not the first girl though , I don’t mind my husband chatting up girls and stuff . Contrary to what you think , our love has never changed . We were friends a long time before we got married and it keeps getting better everyday . He’s so supportive and all . I can’t relate to what most people complain about in marriages , yes there are normal every couple nonsense quarrel but nothing lasts . Why do I allow these things ? I have asked myself severally and I have come up with reasons
1. I don’t want him to feel caged and then cheat , lie to me and thereby distance himself causing typical marriage issues . I want him close to me to know he can discuss those guy stuffs with me.
2. I am bisexual (he knows i had a lesbian girlfriend back in school days) so somehow I get to satisfy myself too.(We are planning a threesome with his ex , i am surprised she agreed but then a lot of closet lesbians in Nigeria).

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