I need

This time last year , I had sex with a submissive girl and I’ve been thinking of it for the past year . It was out of town and I can’t get to her to do another round.

She literally let me do anything to her from spanking to choking, slapping and all kinds of bondage . I’ve never felt so much control over a lady like I was with her.

I just really need someone to do that with here but its not something you ask for, you just have to find someone that enjoys it the same way.

I have been having crazy thoughts and even watching BDSM videos, its ruining my mind.

Sometimes I think of asking her to relocate here but I don’t see why she would agree to move out of her city just because of sex.

I need a girl like her in my life now maybe for a relationship but that submissive part of the sex is very important.

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