When my parents got married , my dad told my mum not to work that she should be a stay at home wife and mum and she listened . Now he’s out there frolicking with other women while my mum is always weak thanks to fibroids . I have a feeling my dad wants her to die but because I serve a living God , he’ll keep giving my mum strength till we are able to raise the money she needs to treat herself . I’m just crying endlessly these days . Sometimes I wish there was someone I could go to for money . I used to love my dad so fiercely while growing up , he was my hero not until two years ago when he started showing his stupidity . He has money but he doesn’t want to bring it for my mum’s treatment . My parent’s marriage have discouraged me from wanting to get married . The first time I decided to date I ended up with a replica of my dad and I was too scared to leave . Trauma bonded to the devil , it took God and my best friend to get out of the toxicity that was my relationship . I resent my dad , the latest one is threatening to leave . He should go please . Screw him and his mum for breaking him and not bringing him up in a normal home.

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