So this story is a really long one and I’ll try to shorten it
I met the guy through IG sometimes ending of January and we were talking and all . He asked me out and my foolish self accepted . This is someone that doesn’t live in Nigeria but he’s a Nigerian . The relationship was going on fine and great till this month of May , his calling reduced . I will call , he will not pick . He will say things like “I was busy with articles and journals” or things like “my phone was on silent* and when I call he’s always in front of his laptop . So there was a day I called him , he eventually picked my call and said he’ll call me back by 3am and I said it won’t be okay . He eventually called by 3am but I was already asleep . He called for 2 days straight but I didn’t pick his call and when I did , he also did not call or text me for 4 days . On the 5th day , I sent a text and called off the relationship then he said I was egocentric that he saw the signs but decided to go on with the relationship . Well I blocked him after 2 days of me not being online . I woke up this morning to see his message with another number telling me I didn’t have to block him that he is very happy I called of the relationship. He said if he had married me and we have issues later on in the marriage that I would be too quick to call for a divorce or even do something worse. He then said that I should move on with my life and continue to be the good girl that I pretend to be.
Anyways my mum knows about the guy and she has been praying so I’ll just call her and tell her not to bother praying again that it is not God’s plan.
Pops on the other hand never liked the idea of us together because the guy is an Edo guy and pops doesn’t like Edo people (no offense to Edo people). Pops wants me to get married to a yoruba guy.
So that’s all about my secret. Thank you

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