I met a girl today and we exchanged numbers . The next day , she called me that she needed my help saying she was broke . I asked her to come to my house so we could talk about it . Most of my friends were in the sitting room that day so we went to my room to chill . I told her I liked her and all and I was really interested in her . She said she is in a serious relationship and she only came because I said I could be of assistance . I told her that I was horny and I’ll be really happy if she could help me out and she said NO. I was like even if it’s a blow job that I don’t mind , she said NO . So I told her I was really sorry I wasted her time that I wouldn’t be able to help out . She looked at me like a wicked person and she said even if I can’t help out that I should give her transport fare . I told her I didn’t have any money . That was how she left . But somehow I’ve been feeling guilty for not giving her the transport fare because after she left my friend said I shouldn’t have done that . Been calling her but she refused to pick up though .

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