There is this lady I met on Instagram asking for money on a page. I decided to help her out with the clarification that I needed nothing from her (no strings attached) and asked her to let me know if she needed anything. Before I knew it, she would ask for money every three days and out of generosity I was always giving her. As usual that’s how she asked for money one day but because I was busy with work, I promised to get back to her. Come and see how this girl was ranting on the phone telling me I failed as a man. I was like wtf!!! I was only helping you without asking for anything.
Anyway, she apologized and I forgave her. She kept asking and I kept fulfilling my promise. Sounds stupid and unreal right ? But I was doing it because I felt she genuinely needed the money and her story touched my heart. As someone who also came from a humble background, I felt that was a good way to help people without anyone knowing about it .
Ok, one day she started asking me some personal questions to which I told her to please know that we weren’t dating and I would not want to hurt any lady in my life . Mhen! Come and see ranting ! There’s no name she didn’t call me.
Anyway, I blocked her stupid ass on all social media platforms ! She got in touch with me again asking for forgiveness to which I did. Within 2 hours, she was like she needed money because she didn’t have pads blablabla. I’m like oh! Oh! E be like say this one don see ATM . I blatantly told her I had nothing to give her. I’m just waiting for her rant one more time before I totally block her. Please if there’s someone out there helping out be it a family member or an outsider, never take their generosity for granted!

One comment

  1. You took too long to block her, genuine needy people don’t rant, they appreciate every little they get and they even get ashamed to keep begging, they try to manage. Besides, she might be a guy disguised

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