A Fine Girl

So right now I’m torn down between three guys. It goes like this: the first guy has been on my case since last year February . I finally gave him a chance but I don’t have feelings for him . I just love how he loves and cares for me. We don’t have sex and we don’t do stuff . I know he’s hoping one day I’ll give in but the truth is I might never do. He spends on me though .
The other guy is nice, tall and handsome . The first day I set my eyes on him , I already liked him then he is from a rich family . I loved him before I got to know his family background. He has been on my case since last year August. I really liked him at the beginning but I’m afraid he’s a player and his pride is another level , will I cope ? Yesterday he said he wants to marry me but I must have a child first for him. Should I get pregnant ? Still contemplating!
The last guy is a yahoo guy , we flow and our discussions are so deep . I can talk with him for hours , we are clearly compatible but I can never marry or be serious with a yahoo boy
Who will I choose . I see my self with the tall , nice guy but I still want to think . Well I said let me share my heart here 😂😂

One comment

  1. Well, for me, the best is the least you liked, which is almost how it is everywhere.
    The second one with pride and get pregnant first, I’m confused, why get pregnant first
    The third, is possible, talk to him, try to know his plans, future and what he wants from you

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